Welcome to The Florida State University’s 5th Digital Symposium.

flierThe Digital Symposium is both a showcase of digital research, writing, and teaching and an event held in the Williams Digital Studio. This year, we’ve collected examples that speak to a range of activities: faculty and graduate research, undergraduate coursework, first-year composition coursework, and both undergraduate and graduate professional materials. Additionally,  a number of genres have been included in this showcase. Some genres include: a Wikipedia article, professional portfolios, showcases of first-year composition students’ work, a multimedia journal article, a digital archive, and a collection of tweets.

The Showcase’s Structure

The Symposium’s menu is in the left sidebar. From there, you can access individual pages. Most pages begin with a photo slider with a short blurb following the slideshow. To navigate to a particular text, just click the image before it passes by, and the digital work you selected will open in a new tab.

In addition to the main menu, the sidebar also contains a few categories: undergraduate, graduate/faculty,  teaching, and scholarship. By clicking on one of these categories, you can view a collection of related-works.

As is always the case at the Digital Symposium, please make yourself comfortable and click around!

A showcase of writing, teaching, and research with digital media