Digital Scholarship

The three texts included in this section — a book chapter, a digital archive, and a journal article — speak to different aspects of digital scholarship. Namely, each text is an interesting enactment of what we mean when we say digital scholarship. This particular sample suggests that digital scholarship can mean combinations of the following activities: digital publishing, theorizing digital practices, digital methodologies, and digital composing.

As the work that ‘counts’ as scholarship moves into the digital realm,
spaces like the Digital Studio will become more integral to scholarly
life–as collaborative zones, as constituents of the technological
infrastructure, and as nodes on networks of production. These
collaborative scholarly projects were produced entirely or in part in
the Digital Studio.

Chapter in Digital Writing: Assessment and Evaluation

Click to view Yancey, McElroy, and Powers’ chapter

Included in Digital Writing, a book published through the Computers and Composition Digital Press, Kathleen Blake Yancey, Stephen J.
McElroy, and Elizabeth Powers’ “Composing, Networks, and Electronic Portfolios: Notes toward a Theory
of Assessing ePortfolios,” traces both the affordances of
electronic portfolios and the contexts in which eportfolios are
produced and viewed/read. Much of the PDF version of the chapter was produced in the Digital Studio.

FSU Card Archive

Click to explore the FSU Card Archive
Click to view the FSU Card Archive

The FSU Digital Postcard Archive is a long-term project here at FSU. This project has engaged faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in several activities: acquiring postcards; scanning, uploading, and coding postcards along the standards of the Dublin Core; developing exhibits; and writing about their work.

While the archive is administrated by Michael Neal and doctoral students Katie Bridgman and Stephen McElroy, a number of undergraduate graduate interns have also worked on the archive. They are showcased here.

Click to view Michael Neal's, Stephen McElroy's, and Katie Bridgman's article about the FSU Card Archive
Click to view Michael Neal’s, Stephen McElroy’s, and Katie Bridgman’s article about the FSU Card Archive

As part of this project, Michael, Stephen, and Katie are also sharing their efforts at various conferences and in publications. One of those publication is the Kairos article. Through this article, Neal, Bridgman, and McElroy discuss the conception, construction, and production of the FSU Card Archive.