First-Year Composition

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Jenna composed her portfolio for Joe Cirio’s ENC 1102. Jenna’s portfolio is a nice example of coherence between a portfolio’s theme and the texts that she included. Her theme — quilting — is an interesting way of communicating how she understood the process of selecting, arranging, and reflecting on her work. Her “My Journal Entries” page is a particularly nice enactment of her quilting metaphor.

  • Click to view Heather's class's showcase and Heather's reflection

In the tradition of the published course journal, Heather Lang and Bruce Bowles Jr. have published their students’ work online as part of their class’s coursework. These showcases provide a unique, contextualized insight into students’ work, and in this case, that work takes the form of multimedia and multimodal projects.

Heather’s “Writing about Public Service and Community Change” showcase includes relevant materials (her syllabus and assignment sheets) with a collection of collaborative portfolios.

Bruce’s showcase of student work is a selection of individual works that span across the course of the semester. In his note on the frontpage of the showcase, Bruce emphasizes the idea that the sum total of these project cover a range of sports and sports events.