Professional Portfolios

Undergraduate Professional Portfolios

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These professional portfolios were created in Rory Lee’s section of WEPO: Writing and Editing in Print and Online.  This assignment, the last in a sequence of four, asked students to design a digital portfolio for the purpose of representing themselves as a job candidate. To prepare students to develop their portfolios, Rory has developed a scaffolded sequence of exercises.

First, students reviewed other portfolios available online. More specifically, he asks students to look at design and the selection of materials.  Then to design their portfolios, students researched potential future employers understand and meet the expectations of specific prospective applicants.

Graduate Professional Portfolios

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Along the same lines as the undergraduate professional portfolio, the graduate portfolio attends to an audience and a purpose whether that audience be a PhD admissions committee or a job search committee. More than a collection of documents – teaching philosophies, research statements, and vitaes – the graduate portfolio is a visual and verbal expression of the candidate’s experiences, theories, and goals for the future.