Researched Digital Works by Graduate Students

  • Click to view Joe's and Erin's Wikipedia article on Writing Assessment

The three digital texts showcased here come from three different courses and were composed for different occasions.

“Writing Assessment” on Wikipedia

Joe and Erin’s “Writing Assessment” Wikipedia article was created as an assigned project for Kathleen Yancey’s “The Digital Revolution and Convergence Culture.” As a demonstration of public intellectual work, Joe’s and Erin’s article draws from Writing Assessment research to contribute their field’s point of view to a contested topic in the public’s discourse. To support Dr. Yancey’s course, Jacob Craig, a Williams Digital Studio consultant, held a workshop about writing, editing, and coding Wikipedia articles. A link to the handout is included below.

Writing and Editing Wikipedia.

Erin’s Writing Assessment Portfolio

Erin’s Writing Assessment portfolio was developed as a final project for Michael Neal’s “Writing Assessment and Technology.” Like her’s and Joe’s Wikipedia article, Erin’s portfolio draws from writing assessment research and theory to articulate theory of assessment and the application of that theory into a set of practices.

David’s Meme Map

David’s meme map – also composed for Dr. Yancey’s “The Digital Revolution and Convergence Culture” – maps the historical development of the meme. His project is based on John Paull’s theory of the meme’s lifecycle.

David’s meme map is part of a larger interest in memes as a way to teach rhetorical circulation.