Teaching Resources and Assignments

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Lolcats and Writing: Teaching Rhetorical Circulation through Memes

David’s “Lolcats and Writing” is a project he developed to teach students about rhetorical circulation and transformation. In this digital text, David provides definition of concepts, a pedagogical rationale, and the assignment sequence.

I Learned it through (the) Grape Vine

Joe developed this assignment as an entry in the 21st Century Literacies Lecture Series.  Joe’s assignment asks students to use the social media site Vine as a composing platform.  In asking his students to use Vine, Joe hopes to bring together everyday literacies – mediation and remediation – and school-based literacies – critical literacy and critical reflection.

Rhetowriters: A workspace for composition, rhetoric, and writing

David’s “Rhetowriters” is both an online syllabus and a space where his students maintained blogs and contributed to wikis. Developed using Drupal, David’s course site is an example of viable option for those teachers who resist using platforms like Blackboard to administrate their course.

Teachdock: Exercises, Projects, and Teacher Resources

Teachdock is a searchable database designed to complement FSU’s Inkwell and the McCrimmon Award archives. Unlike those spaces, Teachdock does not have an editorial board, and it does have a comment function. For more information about Teachdock, visit the site’s about page.

Because of privacy concerns, the site is password protected. You will need to make a username and password with a @my.fsu.edu or a @fsu.edu account.